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Design: Karras Montserrat
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Photo: Selector Marx – Design: Karras Montserrat
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Dj and music producer, Froh Sound carries spreading his passion for black music since the early 90s, being a Classic booths Madrid’s nightlife. A restless artist who investigates the possibilities of beat and scratching to combine brilliantly in his sessions and productions.

It’s not surprising therefore that, for technical and taste musical, is one of the most demanded DJs in the underground scene in the capital, officiating in rooms such as:

Within the amplitude representing the genre of black music in their sound both classic fit Funk, Soul and Disco to current styles like Dubstep, Breaks, Nu Bass, Drum n ‘Bass … without forgetting the Hip Hop always as a reference.

We can now find as resident deejay at the legendary Madrid club “El perro, de la Parte de atras del coche”, offering versatile sessions full of energy and heart, by reviewing the best of the genre: from organic hip hop The Roots, through the contagious funk Kool & The Gang, the futuristic Nu Jazz Pretty Lights …


Froh Sounz appears as producer ¨Musicantuario¨, work consisting of 11 instrumental cuts wich influences marked by the purest sounds of Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Soul etc.

The equipment used for this project in the musical production is a Mpc 2500 Technics SL 1200 MK2, Logic Pro and a MIDI keyboard, willing to give so much importance to the treatment and not machines, and that the development was very meticulous with the samples used, combining the essence of the samplers with instrumental Hip Hop.

Highlight work capitalized Raul Santos ( SupercineXcene ) making the Master Mix and the disc with a nuanced and textures analog process.


From the start, it makes it clear that the intent of the video is promote music on vinyl and hardware, making homage to the artists and covers that appear on the piece. Thus what is intended is to generate two types of display to the viewer: a more dynamic and one that invites to investigate the different disks and themes that are almost hidden.

It’s also important to know that, as the title of the video, Arte Sano, all movements are made manually and editing audiovisual not pointing this so that disks that appear are part of the musical collection from the artist.


The idea came in early 2014 when he was the project Closed instrumental, is when it occurs to me to make a video stop motion with pictures from my records in my living room. After five months shaping the different resources, thematic and how to do it, I thought the best person to taking pictures of the video was Selector Marx, for his love to music and artistic quality. In a photo shoot that lasted nineteen hours the result was amazing, and I do stresses acknowledge the support of all the friends that helped this day to move the position of the vinyls for the shooting.

Once we had the image material was very important to the music filling it to the video clip. Then I found the motivation to ¨Pacool¨ ( Chancleta Films) , after a laborious and very fine work, perform and edit the piece hand in hand. As we advanced , the result made you rub your eyes , because we had what we wanted a year before. ¨

Recall that , after the credits , the original album cover appears, designed by Karras Monserrat ( Delamon Circus) , contributing their magic and talent to close this trip full of good energy and brotherhood.



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